And then it happens, meanwhile you are busy, tired, always in a rush, always late, with a lot to think about, here it arrives a message. Then another one and another one. Sabrina will never be able to write something in only one text! But what she writes gives you an idea. One of those ideas that makes you smile, although a crazy day, one of those ideas that makes you in a good mood, enthusiasm, joy. It doesn’t take much when you have collaborators like her, serious (not that serious), everything is easier. With a free call, few pictures, a lot of messages, here the idea becomes a project. A small project, I know, but really thrilling for me.

I want to write an article with you, you that follow us and read us!

Let’s go in order.

Next week I will post on the blog an article about weddings in Italy and in America, the differences, the traditions, the curiosity. I would like to describe the details, like the typical – and very long Italian menu, people with dishes full of food, or I would like to talk about the wedding list, but also the dresses, the Italian favors, the rice throw to the bride and groom. And then describe you the other side of the world, here, near me, and so the places of the weddings, wedding with a theme, the bridesmaids, the food, the first dance and a lot more.

“Well” you would say “you do this part, what we got to do?”.

If I will be the hand that will write this article, you will be the eyes that will photograph it. Do you like the idea?

So it Is born like this the first contest for the blog and I invite you, all of you to participate: actually there will be two contests, one for the Italian weddings and another for the American weddings.

Do you have a photo that is to you the perfect Italian or American wedding, something that shows a particular, or a tradition? If the answer is yes, participate, it will be fun!

The pictures I will choose, will be the main characters of the article I will publish on the blog, and of course, your name will be there.

The contest with the rules will be posted on my Instagram account soon, so follow me. And because this article is a preview, meanwhile start to look for a photo of a wedding – yours of somebody’s else – that tells something, a detail, a tradition which for you represents a typical “Italian or American style” wedding.

All of this gives us joy and enthusiasm: if you like it too, write here in the comments, if you want, so this post could be the first of a series of articles realized, all together. Passionately.


Here there are few and simple rules to follow:
1 Until June Thursday 18th, you must follow on Instagram @unaromanainamerica
@io_e_mia_sorella and @gabrielecrudele (at least for the all length of the contest)

2 Repost (optional) this photo on your profile and invite one person

3 Publish on your profile a new picture ( or tag an old one) which for you represent the typical American wedding and tag the photo with the hashtag #WeddingAmericanStyleContest and tag the same photo with @unaromanainamerca @io_e_mia_sorella and @gabrielecrudele

4 Your profile must be public for the length of the contest

Friday June 19th we will publish on Instagram the names of the winners of the 3 photos selected, which they will be part of the article “Italian weddings vs American weddings” (temporary title) that we will publish soon.

Have fun and good luck!!!